Friday, January 30, 2009

Mariana Bridi Da Costa De Brazil

She was a truly beautiful Lateena that has lost her life in a very tragic way. She was a finalist in the Miss World competition for Brazil, and only 20 years old. Posted this in memory of Mariana and to give our respect to her family, con mucho amor.


This was sent to us by Carmen H. from Florida. It is a steel outline of Che Guevara at the " Plaza de la Revolucion" in Havana, Cuba. According to what we've discovered Che worked here. Initially when Castro gave the eulogy a huge poster was used as a back drop where the steel frame sits now. On Oct 9th, 1967,
Ernesto "Che" Guevara was executed by Bolivian soldiers, eventually becoming immortal and written in history forever..

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lateeno info

To all the SpanikNation reading this, we want to recognize greatness amongst our Lateeno gente past and present, if there is someone specific you would like to be recognized for our blog por favor drop us a comment so that we can review it and do some research. If its legit then we will not only recognize you for informing us but the person, place or thing that you mentioned as well. Hope everybody has a great week, God bless...........

And if you dont see it right away then keep reading because we may decide to celebrate a specific date, like a birthday if its a person...

The SpanikNation

Since we are one, we want to focus on all the Lateeno Holidays throughout so that we can all celebrate together. Just because we come from ranchos, campos or barrios doesnt mean we cant recognize one anothers importance in this world. Theres nothing greater then family and if this can be our extended family then I say, even better. A todo mi gente come read and celebrate, be part of an even greater nation, a SpanikNation. Con mucho amor..

Cuba celebrates Jose Marti

This is for all our Cubano gente out there celebrating Jose Julian Marti Perez on Jan 28th. Incase no one else knows, he was very influential in Latin American Literature, he spent the majority of his short life dedicated to promoting liberty, Cuban political Independence, and most importantly intellectual independence for all Latin Americans. So we celebrate with our Cubano brothers and sisters a great person. I know we all pray for a Cuba to one day be a democracy, God bless....

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Damn it is taking like what seems forever to get things rolling but hey thats all good cause this has been a great experience for us. I know God is lookin out for us because everytime a setback comes up another opportunity in a totally different direction opens up. And that there in itself keeps my believing and positive reinforcement going on and on. Yesterday is finally over and today is still here, now we get ready with our hopes and dreams into tomorrow. All these negative people talking about how there is doom and gloom all over, no hope for any turn around anytime soon. We might as well all throw our hands up and quit, just out right give up. We as a company have alot of hopes and plans for the future, and we recognize that there are obstacles in the days to come but that doesnt mean its over. People before us started in worse conditions, think of all the immigrants before us and even now, how they struggled and are still finding ways to survive and persevere. We have a desire to represent our gente and show some love while staying focused through these times of challenge. The Man upstairs is always for us so why hesitate and let fear take over, we need to stay on track and fulfill our destiny, those are our intentions. I wish everyone a blessed day, and hope we all stay hungry for tomorrow because we will never know what may come, nobody does accept one...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cuba ( Jan 1st)

Because we are trying to recognize all the Lateenos, let us begin by showin some love to our Cubano gente and help celebrate a belated Jan 1st Liberation Day. God Bless to all our cubano brothas and sistas.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Website drama

We thought it was over and done, but its got one last drop. The former web builder that we bartered with emailed me and wanted us to provide them with $150 so that they can send me my templates and $75 dollars to work on a logo. SpanikWear LLC is done with these unprofessional people. I emailed back stating that we no longer required their services and have moved forward with another company. We thanked them and are absolutely done. Let the pros do their thing so that we can do ours... I had to share this because they really believed that they had us in a bind and intended on profiting off of it. In business (we are finding out) there are many hustlers just like in the streets, so always be aware....

Website goal

One unique thing that we want to do for our gente on the website is have a page where we can specifically recognize each and every Lateeno(a) that enjoys our designs. They will be able to take a photo of themselves wearing their Lateeno Wayz clothing and submit it to us so that we can post it on the "Your Wayz" page. There will be very little requirements like no nudity, hand signals( you know what we mean), etc. We want to represent all our gente: Antigua, Argentina, Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Trinidad, Uruguay, y Venezuela... So if anyone of these is you then show us how you represent.

The website issue resolved

My friends come through again. So we are saved, being in the heart of the valley in the bay area we find the right connections. Like the bible says ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find... That is the truth. Well we mentioned our setback to some friends and wouldnt you know they have someone in mind to lead us through the storm, lol. So as of last week we have a new web-designer/ webmaster and have hosting all lined up ready to go. Thank God we have another direction. Business is fun and challenging all at the same time, but by being cautious and trying to go with your gut feeling all at the same time you may find certain predicaments that you dont want to be in. We've lost time and money but at the same time we have gained a valuable learning experience. Now we wait for what tomorrow brings, I remain optimistic because we have been waiting a long time for this. I'm already mentally readying myself that whenever we come to a wall we will immediately look for another direction, cant move forward while focusing on the past right...

My website

I was trying to find an inexpensive way of getting our website made, I wanted to leave the website building for the experts and focus on the future shirt designs for us. I put an ad in for a barter in craigslist hoping to find another means to getting what we needed for our website, done. Well guess what we got a response, they wanted some company polo shirts done and were willing to build us a professional site. They immediately went to work on it and started sending us copies of our template. I had my part of the barter completed within a week, they had to make some adjustments and eventually had to slow so they could wait for my photos of the shirts, so they could post them on our template. We finally met and had a meeting to discuss our final plans for the weeks ahead. I wont give details of the meeting place or the description of the meeting participants but lets just say it wasnt as professional as we had expected. Now I havent forgotten my roots and where I've come from so I wanted to give these two a chance, they claimed to be up and coming but with 10 years established background. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and ignored certain things because we would want the same opportunity to prove ourselves. Well they turned out to lag in communication, our product wasnt finished and needed more changes which they claimed to fix or were intending on fixing but hadnt yet. Then right before our scheduled debut, I receive an email from them stating that he cannot work on our website because he needs to leave for a family emergency. I was pissed because we all had been working towards a specific date and here now its all stopped. I get ahold of my graphic designer and we decide to just finish within a reasonable time because we had lost the estimated time frame. what could I do I was already committed and thinking this was almost done and maybe he had a serious family emergency, so we prepared for a new date of completion. Well keep reading cause it gets better. Soon after I get in contact with the person building my website, he tells me that him and his partner, A.K.A his wife, are no longer on speaking terms and are seperated, and the topper is that she has the laptop with my unfinished template.... He then tells me he will try and retrieve it so that he can complete it. The next day he emails me a totally different, crappy looking template that he is claiming is mine. Oh hell no I wasnt born yesterday, I tell him that he needs to get my original template back and complete what I have asked. A couple of days later he informs me that he has it and is working on it. I stay in contact with him for about another week and a half. I email, I call and then email some more but nothing. The guy is gone. I finally search through my email history and find a different website for his wife and email her. She responds two days later and drops the bomb on me, she tells me he is incarcerated and that she cannot come in contact with him because of legal issues. She said she would try to get permission to access his laptop so I could get my template back. Since that conversation I havent heard a word from anyone. Our company officially hit a brick wall..........

The new day and New Year

Finally a new everything. Just starting out is a challenging experience especially for a young lateeno entrepreneur, but who said it was gonna be easy anyways, que-no! The beginning was exciting because we were coming out and getting into unchartered territory. The thrill of seeing something that we've been working on for a few years now, starting to take shape and becoming a reality. Its stressful because there are so many directions to go in and lose valuable funds that are limited anyways, but you want to spend what you need to so it looks great. So finally our 3 designs are completed and almost ready to debut on a half finished website. The designs took an average of 4.5 weeks to start and tweek, then to finish. Between ideas, miscommunication and day to day family affairs thats what we come back with. Thank God we finally got our graphic designer and embroidery house in order, tomorrows challenge is the photos for the website. The website, now the website this is a story for the books, but I'll tell that one in a different blog, lol....