Friday, July 24, 2009

The "SIGN" on the house

I have to keep reminding myself that Lateenos aren't always seen as the people that have helped build this great nation into what it is today. There are those who either choose to forget or decide on blocking that out completely. I was watching this clip on the news about some fellow Americans who decided to place a sign on the front of their home that stated "HISPANICS KEEP OUT". The home is located in a little town called Azle, Texas just north of Fort Worth. They didn't specify exactly why they had posted the sign, saying only that it was their right as Americans to do so and being considered a form of free speech, the home owners were not forced to take it down. It still amazes me how much certain beliefs still exist, and how isolating ones self from the majority just allows us to become even more bitter as time goes by. In my opinion the sign was pointless and somewhat sad, it shows that even though America has evolved there are those few who still choose to remain in the past. Life is much too short to spend justifying old ways that never seemed to work for more then one race. To the people that put up that sign in Azle, Texas- you may have the right to hang it up but you really dont have the time to waste going in circles over it. Today is already here and tomorrow is just another day coming to pass but we will never ever be able to return to the past. Mi gente prepare yourselves for what is to come, keep God in your thoughts and stop looking back or WE may be the ones putting up signs against those we blindly judge.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Colombia's Independence day (July 20th)

We would like to celebrate Colombia's Independence Day tomorrow July 20th. The Battle for Colombia's Independence began in 1796 and was fought for well beyond its date of record, July 20th 1810. Though it was another nine more years past this celebrated date before the Spaniards ultimately withdrew from Colombia, Colombia recognizes July 20th for its significance(Bogota's established Junta). Written in Colombia's history is Simon Bolivar' Battle for Boyaca where the Spanish rule over Colombia and the entire South America's diminished and new Independence throughout Latin America reigned. We want to celebrate our gentes Independence Day and wish them another 100 years of freedom. Con mucho amor, God Bless....

Saturday, July 4, 2009

US Independence with Lateeno support

I hope that we are all celebrating this 4th of July, some of our gente believe that this is an American Independence Day but if we look back we would see Lateeno names in support of the American colonies fighting for freedom. Whether directly or indirectly involved, we have been a part of every major conflict that the US has been in from the beginning. The American Revolution had Lateeno names written into its history, names like Gen. Bernardo de Galvez, Francisco de Miranda, Capt. Jorge Farragut and many unnamed Cubana lateenas who helped raise funds for support of the French to assist the Americans in the siege of Yorktown, Virginia. Today is our celebration as well, we have shed our blood and made major sacrifices throughout history. We have earned the right and privilege to call ourselves Lateeno Americans, so Lateenos, take out your flags and fly them side by side with the American flag with honor and pride, know that we helped build this great nation and its representation of freedom. For the last 200 plus years we have been keeping watch and showing our patriotism, and have answered every call. Con mucho amor God bless, and to all my brothers in arms we love you...

Thursday, July 2, 2009

"El Flaco Explosivo"

I could not believe the news about Alexis Arguello but sadly it was true. Alex Arguello was one of the greatest boxers of our time, a three time World Champion and a Boxing Hall of Famer, etched in our memories forever the battle that took place November 12th 1982. Alexis Arguello fought Aaron Pryor and had what seemed a turning point in the fight but the waves turned against Arguello and the fight was ended in the 14th round. There was a lot of speculation about Aaron Pryor being given illegal substances in his water bottle by his trainer. The native Nicaraguan came from poor means and slowly made his mark in this world by becoming a Three Time boxing Champion, and giving us his greatest moments. A true fighter and thinker while in the midst of punches, Arguello was like a surgeon picking apart his opponents. We want to celebrate his life as a great boxer and leave you with the Alexis Arguello we know and love, God bless.....