Thursday, July 2, 2009

"El Flaco Explosivo"

I could not believe the news about Alexis Arguello but sadly it was true. Alex Arguello was one of the greatest boxers of our time, a three time World Champion and a Boxing Hall of Famer, etched in our memories forever the battle that took place November 12th 1982. Alexis Arguello fought Aaron Pryor and had what seemed a turning point in the fight but the waves turned against Arguello and the fight was ended in the 14th round. There was a lot of speculation about Aaron Pryor being given illegal substances in his water bottle by his trainer. The native Nicaraguan came from poor means and slowly made his mark in this world by becoming a Three Time boxing Champion, and giving us his greatest moments. A true fighter and thinker while in the midst of punches, Arguello was like a surgeon picking apart his opponents. We want to celebrate his life as a great boxer and leave you with the Alexis Arguello we know and love, God bless.....

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