Friday, July 24, 2009

The "SIGN" on the house

I have to keep reminding myself that Lateenos aren't always seen as the people that have helped build this great nation into what it is today. There are those who either choose to forget or decide on blocking that out completely. I was watching this clip on the news about some fellow Americans who decided to place a sign on the front of their home that stated "HISPANICS KEEP OUT". The home is located in a little town called Azle, Texas just north of Fort Worth. They didn't specify exactly why they had posted the sign, saying only that it was their right as Americans to do so and being considered a form of free speech, the home owners were not forced to take it down. It still amazes me how much certain beliefs still exist, and how isolating ones self from the majority just allows us to become even more bitter as time goes by. In my opinion the sign was pointless and somewhat sad, it shows that even though America has evolved there are those few who still choose to remain in the past. Life is much too short to spend justifying old ways that never seemed to work for more then one race. To the people that put up that sign in Azle, Texas- you may have the right to hang it up but you really dont have the time to waste going in circles over it. Today is already here and tomorrow is just another day coming to pass but we will never ever be able to return to the past. Mi gente prepare yourselves for what is to come, keep God in your thoughts and stop looking back or WE may be the ones putting up signs against those we blindly judge.

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