Monday, June 22, 2009

Fathers Day weekend

We hope all the Fathers out there had a wonderful Fathers Day weekend. Its absolutely important for our children to know that we love them and support them in every way. As Lateenos we are all usually tight knit anyhow so celebrating Fathers Day is just a topping. I myself grew up without my Father in my life and that taught me something very important, that we should do everything we can to be there for them whether we are a family or not. Lateeno Fathers are important for our future, we are models for our young men, and if you have daughters, we form the foundations in their hearts for the type of men that they are most likely to seek as they mature. Dads are key to the success of our future, and they are strong fronts of what we call family. Yesterday we were blessed with a day to call our own, and a day for our children to give us the extra hugs and kisses. Today lets keep doing what we have been blessed to do and thats lead our children and families to better days. I hope you all enjoyed yesterday as much as we did, God bless.

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