Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Master John Ozuna

Master John Ozuna is a Lateeno in the Martial Arts, trained in the art of Bok-Fu-Do(the System of the White Tiger) for almost 30 years. This man is truly remarkable, last year my family and I witnessed John Ozuna break not just one but two Guinness World Records. The first record that was broken by John was the most amount of punches in one minute, he had a confirmed 713 punches. The second record that he broke was the fastest punch, he set a new record of 43.3 mph. And what is even more amazing Master John Ozuna broke both records on the very same day. This man has really set a new precedence in the Martial Arts, we've found countless youtube videos on him and his Art as well as the founder of Bok-Fu-Do, Grandmaster Richard Lee (East West Kung Fu). Master Ozuna, in between record breaking, building his school, and preparing his students for world tournaments he prepares an annual "Fright Night" show every Halloween to support his KO CAREs program. It stands for Child Assault/Abduction Response Efforts. This program teaches children about safety and defense. Master John Ozuna is a humble, good hearted person and I am honored to blog about him. Recently John Ozuna had aired a Commercial promoting his school but it was only broadcasted in the Bay Area, so we decided to share the commercial with all of you. I believe that we were all given gifts and if tapped we all can achieve anything within that spectrum. Con mucho amor a todos, God Bless.

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