Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A fresh start and a new direction

As El Salvador prepares to seat its new Leftist President, with the backing of the U.S. and talks with Cuba about migration and mail, we see that our South and Central Americas are of an importance to President Obama and his administration. I am remaining hopeful for El Salvador because they need a new direction for the betterment of their future. Much of our Latin America's have taken heavy economical hits during this U.S. recession, some worse then others due to lower wages and a number of other issues. We are expecting great things from President Mauricio Funes, from economical improvement to Government reform that better supports and protects its people. This could very well be the fresh start that El Salvador has been waiting for all along. And a long over due negotiation meeting with Cuba, now this is an old senario but times have changed and 1956 is long gone. We all know that Communism cannot survive this new era that we live in, nor has it been able to convince other countries that it is the most beneficial to convert to in place of Democracy. It has been many years since the United States has placed an embargo on Cuba, but recently the U.S. has been slowly opening doors to resume talks with Cuba to take steps in establishing mail and hopefully one day lifting the embargo. I believe in my lifetime we will see Cuba become democratic, and we will see the United States reestablish business connections with Cuba. There is a time for everything, a new season for change, and Cuba's season is growing near whether the Castro Family agree with it or not. So keep watch because tomorrow is near and what it brings none of us know for certain. god bless.

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